Sunday, January 30, 2011

Car Seat Poncho - Another way to sew the hood

If you're having difficulty attaching the hood to your poncho in this tutorial, here's another way to do it.  Don't stitch the two layers of the hood together.  First, separate the two body pieces of the poncho and then attach each layer of the hood to each layer of the body separately.

First, pin the hood to the slit in your poncho, right sides together like this:
 Then sew the hood with a 1/4 inch seam allowance to the body.
 This isn't the greatest picture, but when you get to the edge of the hood, fold over the edge of the hood about a 1/2 inch and sew.  In this photo it's where the green pin is.  This will help for when you will be sewing the two hoods together and the edges need to be folded under.
Repeat for the other layer.  You now have 2 separate one-layer ponchos.
 Then turn one poncho inside-out and place it inside the other.  Turn down the edges of the hood and neckline and stitch all the way around.
 Then stitch all the way around the back of the hood to secure the two body layers together around the back of the neck.

Continue on with the fringe edge in my tutorial.

And here's a picture of the finished pirate ship themed poncho- this time for a customer!


  1. Is there a way to do this so that the edges of the poncho are sewn together at the bottom instead of the tie off method? I can't seem to get my brain arou d how to do it! Thanks

    1. You could fold the edges to the inside about a half inch or an inch and just topstitch near the edge.

    2. If you attach the hood to each layer, and then put your poncho together with right sides together, you should be able to sew along the bottom. Then turn it the right way out, and sew the front of the hood, like she shows above.

  2. I love this tutorial for putting the hoods together!! Seems easier. I can't wait to make this poncho tomorrow. I plan to tie the two layers together like you do when making a fleece blanket!

  3. You can also use quilt binding bias tape on the bottom to sew the 2 pieces together

  4. How long is the slit you cut where you attatch the hood?