Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Wreath

I like having wreaths on my door.  I have one for spring, fall, Christmas, and Halloween, but I needed a summery one.  I checked out Hobby Lobby, but I just didn't love any of the 4th of July wreaths.  I decided to make a summery one on my own.

I bought a bunch of flowers and a straw wreath.  I pulled off a bunch of leaves and hot glued them to the straw wreath to cover it up.  If you don't take the plastic wrapping of the wreath, it's easy to glue things to it.  Then I used sewing pins to attach a bunch of flowers.  That way I can take them all off and change it up later if I want.  I love orange, and even though it makes the wreath almost autumnal, I still like it for summer.

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