Friday, October 25, 2013

Link and Zelda Kids Costumes

I've loved the Zelda games since I was a little kid, and my daughter has started playing the newest one, so we chose a Zelda theme for Halloween this year. It took a lot of convincing for my son to be link.  I've been working on psyching him up for it since August.  What finally convinced him was the shield (which he calls a fire shield?  I think he thinks the Hylian Crest is fire) and the potion bottle.  Spiderman doesn't have those!!  haha

I made these without a pattern, and I thought about making one and posting it here, but it's just way too much work with a baby in the house, so just pictures will have to do.

The Link shield comes from this youtube video.  I used corrugated cardboard, acrylic paint, flat marbles, and craft foam instead of the things they recommend.

The best part is that our baby is a Zelda Cucco!


  1. I love the costumes! My son wants to be link for Halloween and we want to make his costume, but unfortunately I have never learned to sew and my mother passed away before she could teach me. Did you use felt for the green and brown?

    1. Thanks! I used cotton for the green and faux suede for the brown, but I'm sure felt would work great.