Saturday, September 27, 2014

Himrod Grapes

I picked our grapes today!  I planted a himrod grape plant two years ago in the corner of the yard and let it grow up our wooden fence.  We're in SW Nebraska, zone 5b.  Last year we got two bunches, and this spring I hard pruned the whole thing back to just one tall vertical stick.  This year we got a whole big strainer full plus a couple of other bunches we already ate.

I know people say growing organic grapes is really hard, but honestly if the plant died today we would have still saved money because the plant was around $4.00 but we've gotten way more than that in fruit.  In general the plant seems healthy without any fungicide spray, but I did notice that mid-season the new leaves were shriveled and curled, which Dr. google says is some kind of leaf fungus.  My plan is to just cut off all the smaller branches this winter to help train it up the fence and hope for the best!

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