Saturday, November 6, 2010

Message Board

My sister-in-law will be going off to college next year. I thought this would be the perfect Christmas present to use in a dorm room or small apartment. While looking for ideas for her, I found this blog:
and a great idea for a message board.

I love it! Here's my version.

You write on the glass in the picture frame. I added some painted clothespins for pictures/notes/keys/whatever she wants to clip on. I used mostly hot glue to keep it all together. The beads are on beading wire attached to nails, so they are pretty strong. I had to cut the cardboard that the fabric is glued to in order to make it fit into the frame. The added thickness of the fabric made it not fit until I cut it. Make sure you check before you glue it all on, like I should have.

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