Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coconut Lime Banana Bread

Here's my new favorite banana bread, made from this recipe.

 Look at the yummy crusty baked coconut on top and the tangy lime glaze.  
I'll make it again for sure.  It's a tasty way to use up your brown bananas.
The calories, in case you are wondering, are 2573 per loaf, or if you have 10 slices, 257 calories per slice (using ultragrain all purpose flour, fat-free sour cream, and fat-free milk)


  1. I loved the idea for this recipe as well. I even took the time to make it gluten free for my family. The best part is, my recipe now makes 2 loaves!

  2. YUP, I had some of this bread and it was SUPER YUMMY!!!