Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Time Outfit

I had some fabric that was pieced together and half way made into a pillowcase.  It matched the quilt on my bed, but I just never finished it, so I decided to make it into something else.
This is just a very simple rectangle sewn into a tube.  I added a casing at the top and threaded in some elastic.  It was very easy.

Then I decided I needed a shirt to match and also a hair clip.

The bird was just appliqued with Steam a Seam 2 onto a white shirt from Target.  I found a bird silhouette I liked with a Google Image search, and I traced it by holding a piece of paper up to my computer screen.  I'm really glad the permanent marker didn't bleed through.

For the hair clip, I first made the petals like in this tutorial.  Then since I forgot to buy some fabric buttons when I was in a town with a Hobby Lobby this weekend, I made a little puff for the center instead.  Take a circle of fabric and sew all around the edge with a needle and thread.  Leave the ends long.   Then pull them together to cinch the circle and add a little bit of polyfil in the center.  Pull it all the way closed and tie the ends of the thread together.  Then sew your puff to the center of your flower petals and attach to a clip.
I think the hardest thing about this project is going to be convincing my daughter that it's ok to wear skirts on weekdays and not just for church on Sunday.  Last time I tried she insisted that skirts are only for church and maybe birthday parties.

Bring on the spring weather!

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